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                                              New Classes Added This Month!

Yoga at Snap Fitness --- 9:30am

Yoga for Health and Relaxation --- 12:30pm
"Not So" Easy Aerobics at Snap Fitness --- 5pm
Balance Ball Yoga --- 5pm

Kettlebell --- 8am
Cardio Strength Combo  --- 1:30pm

Yoga for Health and Relaxation --- 9:30am
Yoga for Health and Relaxation --- 12:30pm

Cardio Strength Combo at Snap Fitness --- 5:50pm

Kettlebell --- 8am
Cardio Strength Combo --- 1:30pm

Yoga for Health and Relaxation --- 7pm

Yoga for Health and Relaxation --- 12:30pm
Cardio Strength Combo --- 1:30pm

**Be sure to view the Class Schedule for a full listing of all classes and to register**

 Christmas Anonymous Drop-Off Location

All of us here at the Yoga Place are thrilled to be a drop-off location for Christmas Anonymous this year.  You can drop off your unwrapped gift items between 3pm and 6pm Monday through Thursday.   Look for additional drop-off times and locations to be announced.   All gifts donated to this wonderful cause are distributed to families in Cheatham County.  Help us to ensure that all children of Cheatham Country have the best Christmas ever! Thank you for your support!!!!!!!
P.S. You can also drop off canned goods and non-perishable items to help provide Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to middle Tennessee families.  

     Come Try TRX w/Ashley!      
(see Class Schedule for details)


                                                              Photo Credit: Lydia Hunter

Jay and Jacquie Hennessy,
Proud Owners of The Yoga Place, Snap Fitness and SunSpa Day Spa and Tanning Salon


1)Are Classes ever cancelled?  Although we never like to cancel a class, sometimes it is unavoidable for reasons such as an unavailable or ill instructor, weather, etc.
2)Will I be notified of a class cancellation?  We always do our best to announce class cancellations in advance by marking them as cancelled on the schedule.  If you have signed up for a class that is cancelled you will be personally notified. 
3)Are all classes held at They Yoga Place?  Most classes are held at The Yoga Place.  We do offer some classes that are held at Snap Fitness.  These classes are identified in their name - the name of the class followed by "at Snap Fitness".

4)I am taking several classes a week is there a cheaper way than paying for each class I attend?  YES!!! You should sign up for either our Month to Month Membership or our 12 Month Commitment and pay one low fee (as low as $39.00) for unlimited classes! 

5)Is there a way to attend classes and to have access to the Snap Fitness facility?  YES!!!  We have an awesome combination membership that allows you unlimited classes and unlimited 24 hours a day/7 days a week access to Snap Fitness for as low as $60.00 per month!

 Bringing Our Classes Outdoors!


                                                           Photo Credit: Lydia Hunter

Is Yoga for Me?


Has your curiosity about yoga led you to do a little research to see if it’s something you’d like to try? You’re likely at least partially convinced yoga will help you strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and focus your mind.



Yoga Workshop for Runners

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Cardio Belly Dancing in the Park!

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