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Jay & Jacquie Hennessy, owners of Snap Fitness of Ashland City, are pleased to announce they are now the owners of the Yoga Place of Ashland City.  We are very excited about all the wonderful opportunities this new endeavor will create for both members of The Yoga Place and Snap Fitness.  We appreciate everyone's patience during this transition time and look forward to meeting everyone.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  

ATTENTION: Please provide us with your current address, phone number and email address so that we can keep you posted about all the exciting additions and changes at The Yoga Place!!

Jay & Jacquie Hennessy



 Try any Zumba Class at Snap Fitness during June and July for $3.00.  If you have a class pass or monthly membership at the Yoga Place the Zumba class(es) can be applied to your account. Snap Fitness offers Zumba classes 5 days a week with 4 different instructors to keep you challenged! Monday - 6pm; Tuesday - 6pm; Wednesday - 5pm; Thursday - 6pm and Saturday 9am.  Give Snap Fitness a call - 615/792-0400 if you would like to be registered for any of the Zumba classes.  Stay tuned for special Joint Membership pricing!  


Please be sure to check the schedule regularly for additions and changes and don't forget to pre-register for any classes you wish to attend! NEW CLASSES JUST ADDED: Yoga Beginner to Intermediate - Monday at 10am at Snap Fitness and Monday and Tuesday at 5:30pm at The Yoga Place.

TRX For Athletes and Future Athletes!


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 Bringing Our Classes Outdoors!


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Is Yoga for Me?


Has your curiosity about yoga led you to do a little research to see if it’s something you’d like to try? You’re likely at least partially convinced yoga will help you strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and focus your mind.



Yoga Workshop for Runners

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Cardio Belly Dancing in the Park!

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